Stroller Boot Camp

Stroller Boot Camp is more than just a walk in the park! It is a certified total body workout including arms, legs, abs, core and cardio. Get a great, effective workout while enjoying some fresh air with your little one! We move this class inside for the winter to keep the little ones nice a warm. All fitness levels welcome; moms must be 6 weeks post-partum and child must be able to sit in stroller for 45-60 minutes. Jogging strollers are recommended but not required.


Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K is offered with and without strollers.  This class is for beginners and intermediate runners.  We will begin class with a dynamic runners warm up and start out slowly, following a specific building program.  We will end class with a cool down and core work. An at home workout program to follow will be recommended to make sure you achieve your goals.   We will discuss breathing, running form, injury prevention, and all things mommy!

Virtual Insanity LIVE 

INSANITY LIVE is the cardio-based, athletic-style workout that combines the best of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and strength moves designed to help you get fit fast! Each high-energy workout is packed with cardio drills, plyometrics, and bodyweight strength moves that help you get lean and strong. No weights required! And because there are modifications for every fitness level, INSANITY LIVE is one of the most inclusive, inspiring, and innovative classes you’ll ever do


Pelvic core fitness classes that make you feel and look amazing.

Stronger abs, sexier glutes and thighs, urinary control, improved quality of life, and more intense, enjoyable sex all begin with a strong pelvic core. Welcome to Pelacore, a functional training program made up of fun, 60-minute classes that teach you exercises which will strengthen your pelvic core - and make you feel amazing!   



Stroller Barre Above is a cardio and strength class designed to improve posture, stability, overall body strength, and flexibility for every fitness level. The workout combines moves inspired by ballet, Pilates, HIIT, and yoga to help strengthen and sculpt your body from the inside out! Stroller Barre Above is a fun way to reconnect with your body and strengthen it for all that Momlife throws your way. Instead of using a tradional barre you will be using your stroller instead. See you Barre!!!



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